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*Please read entire policy before inquiring*


As of right now AKHair's online booking is turned off to the public until further notice. She is accepting some new clients that are wanting styling and/or hair extensions (more services will be available soon). She is also offering styling and extension services for on site photoshoots and events. 

Please carefully read over the deposit policy, the services and their descriptions before submitting a New Client Request FormIf you are an existing client but haven't been to the new Portland salon in the past year, please fill out a new client request form and put a note that you are an existing client. The new client request form will ask you multiple questions that are needed to know before an appointment is booked. The form will also ask you to upload a couple photos showing your hair and what your inspired hair is. After you submit the form it will automatically be sent to me where I will review it and either approve or deny. Please note that no appointments will be made until the request is approved.  Once it is approved, I will email or text you at the email or number you provide on the form and let you know about my soonest available days and how much your deposit will be. If you want to move forward, I will book your appointment and you will get a text and email with the confirmation. 


All consultations are $25 and must be paid at time of booking.

After the actual service is booked you have 24 hours to send me a deposit of $75. You will get a text and email when the appointment is booked so please keep a look out and send it at your earliest convenience with ONLY your first and last name in the subject. If you do not pay within 24 hours, I will send you a text message with a warning of your appointment getting canceled, and if the deposit is not paid before the 24 hours is up (without a prior agreement) the appointment will then be canceled and you will be notified through the booking system.

Once the service is complete, you will have two options. 1. 

Rebook your next appointment and your deposit will be carried over to secure that future appointment or you can hold off on booking and have the deposit subtracted from the total service cost. If you choose not to prebook your next appointment at the end of the service, you will have to pay another deposit when booking in the future.

Deposits are non-refundable if client cancels. As long as a client cancels within 48 hours of their appointment, a client will have the option to reschedule and the deposit will be transferred to the rescheduled appointment. 

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