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Dimensional balayage anyone_ 😍 _Results like this truly make me appreciate what I do for

A Little Bit About Me...

Hi there!

I'm Alijah Kadow,  but you may know me as akhair. I am a hairstylist with a strong passion for dimensional color, hair extensions and most of all, helping people feel and look their absolute best in their everyday life. It all started when my mom got me a Bratz doll head with long beautiful hair when I was about 10 years old. After watching my babysitter do hair out of her house everyday one summer after another, I went from experimenting with braiding to truly falling in love with color and extensions in beauty school. I take true pride in educating my clients on their hair such as - products to use, dos and don'ts, the chemistry of the hair and possibly give help and advice for why their hair may be doing things they don't want it to do. Loving the fact that I am able to personalize and specialize each of my clients hair to fit their wants and needs and give them something they truly love and can’t stop looking at really makes me realize that this is what and where I am meant to be. 



1107 NE 9th ave. Suite 101

Portland, OR 97232




10:00am - 6pm

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